Thursday, September 24, 2015

How to Make Homemade Baby Food

I knew that I wanted to make my own baby food as soon as I knew I was pregnant. There is so much sugar and extra unnecessary additives in jar baby food, I didn't want to risk it. So far, I've made bananas, squash (the hardest of them all because of all the seeds), and now carrots. I am so proud of myself that I have to pat my own self on the back. I am getting the hang of this and loving every second of it.

How I made Carrot Baby Food:

  1. Peel Carrot, washed throughly, and cut in half (first photo)
  2. Steam Carrot until soft (Since I don't have a steamer. This is what I did: I put the carrot on a metal slotted spoon, added a little water to a pot, and balanced the spoon over the water making sure it did not touch, and cover the pot with a lid. It worked perfectly! (second photo)
  3. Added Gerber Rice Cereal, Freshly Pumped Breast Milk and Carrots to my Nutri Bullet and blended til it was nice and pureed
  4. Here is the end result (below)

(Original Post creation date 2/15)

DIY Non-Slip Toddler Footwear

I purchased these really cute Spiderman house slippers for my son. I was disappointed that he couldn't wear them because they were too slippery. We have hard wood floors throughout so I needed to put something on the bottom of his slippers to prevent him from falling. I was excited for another DIY project :)

The first time around, I glued double sided adhesive pads on the bottom (those are the white squares you see on the bottom in the first photo). That didn't work because the adhesive wore off quickly. I knew I needed a better game plan. I recently purchased a Non-Slip Indoor Rug Pad for our new rug and had some product left over. I decided to use that for the bottom of his slippers. If its good enough to prevent our rug from slipping, it will prevent my son from slipping as well. 

 I cut out some of the Rug padding to fit the shape of his slippers. I grabbed my handy dandy glue gun which I loveeeeeee (I swear I've had this thing forever and it was only $1 or $2 on clearance!) I glued the rug padding to the bottom of his slippers and they are perfect. He can walk around the house freely and I don't have to worry about him falling.
The finished product
Close up of my Glue Gun