Saturday, December 6, 2014

My Top Diaper Picks♡

My husband warned me as soon as we found out we were pregnant not to get inexpensive diapers. He swears when the diaper is inexpensive, it can cause the baby to get diaper rashes because it's not made with the dry weave layering. I guess it's the same concept as a maxi ladies. It made sense what he's saying, but the way he was talking you would think he works for a diaper manufacture or something. LOL! I kind of put the idea in the back in my head.

When my male coworker out the blue told me which diapers to buy and those to avoid, I knew they both were not pulling my leg at all. From then on we purchased Huggies and Pampers (non Swaddlers) for our son. At the hospital, they gave us Pampers Swaddlers and we loved these so much more! We never knew there was really a difference between Pampers and Pampers Swaddlers, but there is! 

Pampers Swaddlers have a wetness indicator while the non Swaddlers pampers do not. What is this wetness indicator? When the diaper is wet, a blue vertical line appears on the front on the diaper. It's the best invention yet. It saves so much time on having to check to see if the baby has messed his diaper. The diaper is great on absorption and fit too. 
Pampers Swaddlers (A soiled diaper)
Yes the Swaddlers are little pricier than regular Pampers, but it is worth the extra coins moms. There is nothing like changing a diaper that is dry. It is a waste and aggravation to the baby especially while they are sleeping or napping. 

I had to try another brand called BabyGanics because I purchased these beforehand. Why did I? They were on clearance at Target (maybe because the box design changed), they were Chlorine Free (I didn't know diapers could have Chlorine in them), and the brand has great reviews :)
I was hesitant at first because of my love for Swaddlers but when I saw that these also had a wetness indicator, my hesitation faded quickly. LOL. After trying them out, WOW!! The wetness indicator on these are opposite from the Swaddlers. Instead of a line appearing, the light green building blocks on the diaper disappear when the diaper becomes soiled. The diapers are also very soft. They are so soft they remind me of cloth diapers. They do not feel plastic-y like disposable diapers.
I also love that the velcro straps are large and wide with lots of stretch. This is wonderful because it allows the diaper to fit my son nice and snug without being tight. 

Which diapers are my favorite? BabyGanics!

What is your favorite diaper brand and why?

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