Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our FIRST Christmas

Cannot believe my son celebrated his very 1st Christmas. It was such a joyous occasion for my husband and I. We knew that he was too young to really appreciate the gifts, but we still wanted to do something for our baby boy. We picked him up a humongous Elmo. It hugs, talks, and sings. I think he enjoys it as you can tell by the picture below LOL. Along with shoes and clothes, we also purchased a Exersaucer for him. Too bad his legs aren't long enough to enjoy his new toy :( We had a blessed day filled with lots of love and relaxation due to the rain which always makes us super lazy. How everyone else Christmas was a great one
Christmas OOTD (Jeans and Sweater by Gymboree in-store, Socks by Old Navy in-store, and Moccasins by JaxHoo)

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